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Our Mice

Quality Guaranteed

Show Mice

Many of our mice are bred toward show standards. All lines are a work in progress and continue to improve over time, but some have already done well at shows. There are several clubs in the US and the world that all have slightly different ideals, but the things they have in common are the larger size of body, ears, and tail, along with a very mellow disposition. Contact us for a list of currently available mice.


Pet Mice

We have a variety of colors and patterns of mice that are just as healthy and friendly as show mice, but are not ideal to show for one reason or another. These make amazing pets! Contact us for a list of currently available mice.


Purchasing and Adopting from Becky's Bitty Critter Boutique

All of our mice are friendly and healthy, but they are not all the same. Each mouse has a unique personality as well as differing qualities of conformation, color, and pattern. As such, not all mice are suitable for the same purposes. While all of our mice would make great pets, not all will do well or even be able to show. When you contact us looking for mice, it is important to let us know if you are interested in getting mice for pets, breeding, or showing. We will help you find your ideal mice!

Pedigrees are available for all of our mice. Please let us know if you would like one for the ones you take home!

Please note: our female mice are always sold in pairs or groups. I always recommend at least 3 mice be kept together, but recognize some homes already have mice that are looking for companions. Mice are social animals and females will become stressed and ill if they are kept alone for too long.

It is important to QUARANTINE any new animals you bring home before you introduce them to the ones you already had. This is to make sure any illnesses the new animals have, either from where you purchased them or from the stress of travel, don't infect your other animals. Even if they look perfectly healthy, sometimes things are missed.

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