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Our Rats

Quality Guaranteed

Standard Sized Rats

Most rats are fairly large as adults, with bucks being noticeably larger than does. We have standard sized rats in a few different varieties available. 

Dwarf Sized Rats

BBCB also works with dwarf rats. These much smaller sized cuties are the result of a simple recessive mutation and are just as healthy as their standard sized counterparts. 

Purchasing and Adopting from Becky's Bitty Critter Boutique

All of our rats are friendly and healthy, but they are not all the same. Each rat has a unique personality

and will not suit every home. At this time our rats are bred to be pets rather than for show.

Please note: our rats are always sold in pairs or groups. I always recommend at least 3 rats be kept together, but recognize some homes already have some that are looking for companions. Dwarf and standard sized rats can be kept together. Rats are social animals and will become stressed and ill if they are kept alone for too long.

It is important to QUARANTINE any new animals you bring home before you introduce them to the ones you already had. This is to make sure any illnesses the new animals have, either from where you purchased them or from the stress of travel, don't infect your other animals. Even if they look perfectly healthy, sometimes things are missed.

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